UK event, meeting or eating spaces run by good causes

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If you think some of this information is incorrect or you have feedback, please let us know on this link.

If you think some of this information is incorrect or you have feedback, please let us know on this link.

About this directory

Good Venues is an event, meeting and eating spaces directory. It's for for anyone wanting to host an event or meeting and know their money will benefit good causes.

The venues listed here are run by charities and social enterprises. By spending with them (rather than a commercial venue) you are actively benefiting a social purpose of some kind.

Please note that all venues listed are based on recommendations. This isn't a commercial project, so resources are limited. As such we cannot check and verify every venue qualifies or its details are 100% correct. So if you spot anything you know is wrong, please let us know with our feedback form.

Who built this?

This directory was created by @markbowley, a designer and consultant. I've done work for a number of organisations in the social sector and when I saw this tweet, I realised this kind of information could benefit many different people – the people needing a venue, the venues themselves, and the social purpose they're run by.

I'm also using it as a way to learn more about creating useful resources, using efficient, low-cost methods. I frequently experiment in user-friendly ways to display digital data, without needing to use code.

Thanks to Kristiana Wrixon for the inspiration and advice.

If you're interested in helping with this project, find out how you can support or contribute.

How this website is built

So far this directory has been built with (almost) no code and (almost) no financial cost. The tools used are:

  • Venue data is stored in a Google Sheet spreadsheet – which acts as the database.

  • Spreadsheet data is turned into a visual map and list using Awesome Table.

  • Website is built and hosted with Carrd, with the map and list embedded as iframes.

Future plans

The idea is to make this directory better, but it's going to depend on time and financial resources. Some of the ideas include:

  • Combine the map and list

  • Expand data for venues (incl. photos)

  • Mobile app (on-the-go map)

  • Sponsorship or featured listings


If you're interested in helping with this project, thank you! Directory websites aren't easy to maintain, especially if they're growing. We also want to expand the venues beyond London and improve the tech behind the website. Find out below how you can help.

Suggest new venues

Gathering and entering the data for each new venue is what takes the most time. Suggestions are most welcome.

* Please make a copy of the Google Sheet and add your suggestions. You can then send it to us via this form.


This website was set up to be as low-cost as possible, but some costs are inevitable. Let us know if you're interested in sponsorship opportunities** in order to help with this.

** Initially the priority of sponsorship revenue would to cover the website running costs and improvements.

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